Fidelity in Motion's renowned encoding and authoring services are trusted around the world to keep content looking, sounding and functioning at its best.


  • One-stop solution for authoring UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD. We create cleanly coded, functional discs on each format using Scenarist Professional, affording full operational control and unsurpassed player compatibility.
  • Delivery of test builds and final replication data (CMF/DDP) via ultra-fast fiber or physical shipment.
  • Verification of projects prior to replication using BD-ROM verifiers, ensuring tight conformance to format specs.
  • We author Digital Cinema Packages (DCP), both clear and encrypted, 2D or 3D, InterOp or SMPTE.


  • Using the best available encoders with our own workflow enhancements, we efficiently produce HEVC, AVC and MPEG-2 video which is as true as possible to the source, in conformance with applicable spec parameters.
  • We encode HDR video and author to UHD Blu-ray, and can accommodate both HDR10 and Dolby Vision™ formats.
  • Handling and improvement of archival material, including standards conversion and upscaling, using algorithms best suited to the content.
  • Audio encoding for lossy, lossless and object-based multichannel surround delivery.


  • A clean, proven image pipeline maintains outstanding faithfulness to the source for pristine image quality, avoiding issues like unnecessary color space conversions, contouring, or gamma shifts.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of film and video processes both past and present, and can address issues in older telecine transfers when necessary, without resorting to traditional noise reduction systems which can damage the film's look.

Other services

  • We offer full menu design.
  • In-house editing of existing subtitles allows us to act quickly on smaller amendments. We can read and export almost any script format, and reformat subtitles for use on different platforms or frame rates.
  • Origination and translation of subtitles are available via our partners.

A selection of our clients

Arrow Films
Carlotta Films
Synapse Films
The Masters of Cinema Series
Flicker Alley